Signature Cocktails A selection of cocktail recipes from around the world

This one packs a punch with Mina Real Mezcal Reposado, Australian Amaro Okar, Yellow Chartreuse, wild hibiscus syrup, citrus, hopped grapefruit bitters and egg white served over ice.


In all of Oaxaca, they say: “For everything bad, mezcal, and for everything good, too.” Believe the locals and try our concoction.

Generous Gin and Branca Menta is shaken up with Massenez peche and ginger syrup, citrus, and egg white to create this fruity and sweet cocktail.

Nostalgia takes me back to summers in Ms Belleville’s garden picking peaches, probably in her 70’s at the time she would climb up peach trees better than anyone else… she’s an inspiration for this fruity elixir!

Apple wood Gin is paired with a house-made strawberry and basil syrup, lime juice, topped with champagne.

A champagne cocktail exudes high society living, this aperitif is designed to tantalise the taste buds of royals. With our respect to The Commonwealths longest reigning monarch. Enjoy darlings.

Plantation dark rum pairs with Le Birlou apple and chestnut liqueur, rhubarb & apple syrup, fresh pineapple juice, lime, with a house-made falernum.

Work of a lumberjack is difficult, dangerous and takes place in primitive living conditions. For you, he dropped the axe and created a wintery, warming and punchy cocktail.

Fruity Germana Caetano’s Cachaça which is aged for two years in Umburana wood barrels, shaken with lime juice and home made honey and cardamom syrup.

Fresh, delicately spicy and herbal, this concoction for Daiquiri lovers will make you feel like under the sun of Copacabana beach.

Gin Generous mixed with falernum, lime juice and Lillet Blanc.