Compagnie des Indes Boulet de Canon N°10 46% 700ml ,

  • SKU : COMPbouletcanonNo10
  • Brand/Distillery : Compagnie des Indes
  • Country of Origin : Nicaragua and Panama
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 46%
  • Volume : 700ml

For its tenth edition, our Boulet de canon is hitting hard! BOOM! Resulting from the ageing of our usual Boulet de canon blend (Nicaragua and Panama) in Six Quarter casks (quarter casks of a Butt = 125 Litres) from a very famous Islay distillery.

These casks underwent the same smoking process as did the Boulet de canon N°5 casks. Indeed, we sent these 6 casks to be smoked in a Tuyé (Jura Morteau sausage smokehouse) for 2 months before pouring the rum for a 6- month finish in the closed barrels.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: At first honeyed aroma emerges from the glass, then aromas of prunes and currants. It evolves into pine sap, iodine, and candied orange.

Mouth: A franc, woody, and roasted attack. Followed then by iced chestnut and English fudge notes, but also a touch of sweet chillies, mixed with lemongrass.

Finish: It’s deliciously indulgent, with the impression of biting into a chocolate hazelnut spread.


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