Compagnie des Indes Rum Dominican Republic 8 years 43% 700ml ,

  • SKU : COMPdominican8YO43%
  • Brand/Distillery : Compagnie des Indes
  • Country of Origin : Dominican Republic
  • Vintage : 8 years
  • ABV : 43%
  • Volume : 700ml

A.F.D. (Acoholes Finos Dominicanos), this distillery opened in 2009, founded by a Spanish group, it is the most modern distillery of the Caribbean, boasting of energy autonomy.

Compagnie des Indes rums are produced with great care and elegance. The idea was brought to life in memory of the former East India Company from the seventeenth and eighteenth century that selected rare commodities from distant continents and imported them to their countries. Like them, we select only the best qualities of rum from all over the world and import these to Europe. No matter if we speak about single casks or carefully selected blends we always focus on bringing out the character and qualities of each local origin. Florent from Compagnie des Indes roams the world constantly and amazes us with his Rum discoveries. One feels he does it for his own pleasure because his selections have in common, elegance, lightness, naturalness, and authenticity. What rum always should have been, but rarely is nowadays, inflated by suspicious aromas and colours.

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