Depaz Rhum Blanc Agricole Cuvée Papao 48% 700ml , ,

  • SKU : DEPwhitePAPAO
  • Brand/Distillery : Depaz
  • Country of Origin : Martinique
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 48%
  • Volume : 700ml

Derived from Depaz?s Papao plot in Saint Pierre on the coast of Martinique, the true taste of the Caribbean shines through in this outstanding rum.
The distinctive blue sugar cane that grows in the rich Volcanic soil of the island is fed by year-long sunshine. Harvested at its peak in 2020, the crops from this fertile land are unique, with heady aromas and flavours transferred from plant to spirit.
During distillation, great care is taken over the slow reduction process to ensure a rum that?s full of richness, yet soft and smooth on the palate.
Tasting Notes:
Appearance: Refreshingly crystal clear.
Nose: Undeniable fragrance of fresh sugar cane combined with hints of lime blossom and honey.
Taste: Floral yet fresh, leaving a zingy sensation in the mouth.