Depaz Rum Single Cask 2003 11 years 45% 700ml ,

  • SKU : DEPSinglecask11YO
  • Brand/Distillery : Depaz
  • Country of Origin : Martinique
  • Vintage : 2003
  • ABV : 45%
  • Volume : 700ml

Made from the 2003 harvest, this rum is aged in oak cask for at least 11 years. Each bottle comes from a single cask selected by our Cellar Master.


Tasting Notes:

Nose: A rich rum with delicate, enchanting aromas.

Palate: Head aromas: well-balanced delicately oaked notes with hints of chocolate, spices, toasted dried fruit, coffee and vanilla. Heart  aromas: offering up chocolate, rich cocoa, rose jam and old port. Base aromas: delicate jasmine narcissus and black tea aromas as well a delicate, elegant touches of sandalwood.


Perfectly paired by a mellow cigar. 

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