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Dillon Rum Agricole VSOP Tres Vieux (8yrs+) Martinique 43% 700ml

Dillon Rum Agricole VSOP Tres Vieux (8yrs+) Martinique 43% 700ml

  • Brand/Distillery : Dillon Distillery
  • Country of Origin : Martinique
  • Vintage : 8 years
  • ABV : 43%
  • Volume : 700ml

An elegant and subtle aged rum! A light mahogany color. A complex and noble aromatic richness revealing long ageing from 8 years minimum in small oak casks. It shows fruit overtones (plums) roasted dried fruit (hazelnuts, candied fruit) combined with cocoa, chocolate and delicate vanilla and wood.

Standard bearer of the purest Martinique Rhum Agricole tradition and gold & silver medals winner in countless competitions Dillon rum is today number one on the French market, thanks to an almost aberrant policy, to be excellent in quality and at the same not expensive. The AOC Rhum Agricole de la Martinique restricts production to the short best season for the cane to pack aromas, compels that all and only the fresh juice of the cane be used, contrary to 95% of the world rums using the left-overs (Molasses, stalks) of the sugar refining industry. Agricole Rum belongs to the world of cognac or Armagnac, whenever Traditional Rum (also known as Industrial) is in the grappa / pomace world.

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