Domaine du Tariquet Vin de Liqueur l'Idee Folle 17% 750ml

Domaine Tariquet Vin de Liqueur l’Idee Folle 17% 750ml , ,

  • SKU : CTFBideefolle
  • Brand/Distillery : Chateau du Tariquet
  • Country of Origin : France
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 17%
  • Volume : 750ml

Grape Varieties: Gros Manseng, Sauvignon, Chardonnay & Eau-de-Vie Folle Blanche

A vin-de-liqueur produced from a selection of highly concentrated juices accentuating the grow manseng, chardonnay and sauvignon’s fruit and full-flavoured qualities. As soon as it begins, the transformation of sugars into alcohol is interrupted by the addition of a Folle Blanche eau-de-vie, renowned for its finesse. This unique and original combination gives an explosion of freshness and fruit. 


Le Tariquet has been the cradle of an entire family since 1912. First of all, the home of Hélène and Pierre Grassa, who began the tradition with their love of fine Armagnac. Then, the home of their children Maïté and Yves, both fervent winemakers, who have now been joined by Yves’ sons, Armin and Rémy, the third generation of winegrowers in the family. Together they manage the Tariquet estate, which has always remained an independent and, now more than ever, family-owned company. They run the property with an eye on the future and have built a business that is well placed to meet market demand. With close to 900 hectares of land, they produce Tariquet white wines and Bas-Armagnac brandies that have won international acclaim. Tariquet were the first winemakers in France to apply the rules of modern winemaking ( No oxidation, temperatures, special yeast…) being taught in France universities of oenology, just before and after the 2nd world war. Most students, sons of vignerons learned but never really applied it, since back home the fathers would insist, with a slap, in continuing with the centuries old methods. Tariquet opened the ways, at first despised by most, then grudgingly admired for their, fresh clean fruity wines. Years later the new world would follow with their successful New World Wines.With such vision Tariquet would also be excellent at Armagnacs, concentrating with foresight on the vine varietal Folle Blanche, which before the Phylloxera crisis, represented 90% of cognac and Armagnac production and was famous for fast ageing, preserving freshness of floral and fruity aromas. But post phylloxera Folle Blanche was difficult rotting by 25% to 50%. Tariquet must be admired to have persisted to be today the main exponent of brilliant Folle Blanche Armagnacs

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