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Grosperrin 12 year Borderies Cognac 50.8% 700ml ,

  • SKU : GROSBr12yrs700
  • Brand/Distillery : Jean Grosperrin
  • Country of Origin : France
  • Vintage : 12 years
  • ABV : 50.8%
  • Volume : 700ml

This Cognac was produced in the Burie region by two brothers, now retired, who cultivated their vines in a traditional way, without fertilizer, and with a minimum of treatments (5 per year on average, according to their declaration).

Passionate about bio-diversity and traditions, not hesitating to pass for originals in the eyes of their neighbors, they vinified their wines with indigenous yeasts, aged them on lees, and until their retirement they distilled their production in using a small still heated over a wood fire.

Faithful to our desire to have in our collection only particularly rare cognacs if they are under 20 years old (or to have none), this one proudly displays its specificity of a cognac characteristic of the Borderies , the smallest cru of our appellation, produced using ancient and unusual methods today.

Already amber color. Lots of amount for this cognac, supported by a high degree. On the nose, notes both mineral and rancid, with a floral touch, narcissus, daffodil. There is amplitude, light waxed and tertiary notes emerge. On the palate, the attack is lively, frank, the mineral side of the Borderies is fully expressed, with even a flint side. Aromatic power, but well balanced, there is no burning or stinging. The first rancios are present, they give relief to this cognac, and almost a smoky side. Floral notes return in retroolfaction. The finish is long, the youthful pastry side has disappeared. So greedy. A beautiful cognac.

Cognac de Collection Jean Grosperrin – Artisanal Vintages - Jean Grosperrin worked as a cognac broker in the Cognac region. A broker in eaux-de-vie plays a very discreet yet strategic role between the producer and the buyer. His job is to evaluate the quality of the eaux-de-vie and to introduce interested parties to each other. His profession takes him to many cellars to estimate the value of different batches, among which there are sometimes some very old cognacs. Practically all vine growers distil their own harvest and they usually conserve, as former generations have done before them, some barrels of cognac in their cellars. These family treasures are very rarely up for sale and the transactions are very confidential. It is these cognacs, sometimes very atypical with strong personalities that Jean and his son Guilhem (since 2004) seek to obtain in all the appellations of Cognac. And digging into documents, family histories allows for description and anecdotes on each cognac which makes great reading. Tasting Notes are precise, to the point, short, not at all the excessive praise and lies. And their selections and vintages are astonishing . Success means, that supplies run out often.

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