Grosperrin Cognac Fins Bois Organic 2010 46.8% 700ml , ,

  • SKU : GROS2010FB700mlORG
  • Brand/Distillery : Jean Grosperrin
  • Country of Origin : France
  • Vintage : 2010
  • ABV : 46.8%
  • Volume : 700ml

This very rare cognac comes from a small farm located in a village close to Courbillac, Herpès. This producer works for other distilleries to supplement his income, and he is recognized as an expert of an ancient distillation practice called “méthode grasse”, which gives richness and density to the “eau-de-vie”, increasing substantially the positive effects of ageing. We buy the entire harvest, entirely composed of the Folle.

Blanche grape variety is then vinified and distilled on the estate, before starting its ageing process in our cellars. The Folle Blanche is a grape variety that originates from the region, long before the Phylloxera crisis. It has since become very rare (around 1% of vineyards in the region) because of its sensitivity to Botrytis. This cognac was slowly reduced after the distillation while in specific casks to fully reveal the beneficial effects of this ancient distillation method.

Tasting Notes:
On the nose, notes of ripe grapes, and apricot, old Sauternes. Cinnamon, candied fruits and pineapple roasted nose. Tender, tasty on the palate, it’s possible to feel the greasy notes coming from this distillation process. A little compote side could be due to the fact that the percentage of “second” is important. Very smooth though, spicy finish; seems to be older than in reality. A nice Fins Bois, very rare.

Founded in 1808, the Fr?d?ric Mestreau estate produced Cognac until 1919, after struggling with sales during the First World War. Almost a century later, Guilhem Grosperrin, an avid Cognac collector who travels all four corners of the globe to find rare and refined products, was given the opportunity to purchase 250 bottles of early 19th century Cognacs from Abel Mestreau's personal collection. Now, a century after the estate fell silent, the brand has been revived with the launch of the No 28 XO Fine Champagne Cognac. Described as "a very fine XO" that's "great for sipping", this particular Mestreau masterpiece found itself on The Spirits Business's list of 'Top 10 Value for Money Cognacs'.

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