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Grosperrin Cognac No.58 (1958) Fin Bois 42.2% 700ml ,

  • SKU : GROSno58FinsBois700ml
  • Brand/Distillery : Jean Grosperrin
  • Country of Origin : France
  • Vintage : 1958
  • ABV : 42.2%
  • Volume : 700ml

This very rare Cognac comes from a joint possession which was established upon the death of the winegrower many years ago. This man, also a country broker, used to keep track of the oldest cognacs he sold. It was from his son that Jean bought this cognac, in 1999.
Since then, this unique cask has remained stored in our cellars. Because of its high quality, it had been isolated without any particular purpose having been defined. It was only in 2017 that bottling was carried out for our collection.


Very amber color. On the nose, this cognac affirms its great age with tertiary notes, spices, white pepper, autumn undergrowth, humus, and a pronounced rancio. Bearing, it also emerges a certain lightness of these aromas, thanks to notes of jasmine, tubers, candied fruit. On the palate, the attack is sweet, greedy, little tannic, with an elegant rancid flavor. The vintage, the Fins Bois, makes this fine cognac, not very powerful in amount, certainly, but very balanced, and accessible in the mouth.

Cognac de Collection Jean Grosperrin Artisanal Vintages - Jean Grosperrin worked as a cognac broker in the Cognac region. A broker in eaux-de-vie plays a very discreet yet strategic role between the producer and the buyer. His job is to evaluate the quality of the eaux-de-vie and to introduce interested parties to each other. His profession takes him to many cellars to estimate the value of different batches, among which there are sometimes some very old cognacs. Practically all vine growers distil their own harvest and they usually conserve, as former generations have done before them, some barrels of cognac in their cellars. These family treasures are very rarely up for sale and the transactions are very confidential. It is these cognacs, sometimes very atypical with strong personalities that Jean and his son Guilhem (since 2004) seek to obtain in all the appellations of Cognac. And digging into documents, family histories allows for description and anecdotes on each cognac which makes great reading. Tasting Notes are precise, to the point, short, not at all the excessive praise and lies. And their selections and vintages are astonishing . Success means, that supplies run out often.

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