Jean Fillioux Cognac Numero 1 Grande Champagne 60 years 46% 500ml ,

  • SKU : JFnumero1
  • Brand/Distillery : Jean Fillioux
  • Country of Origin : France
  • Vintage : 60 years
  • ABV : 46%
  • Volume : 500ml

The Jean Fillioux N°1 Cognac is an exceptional 60-year-old Grande Champagne delight. Only produced in very small volumes, it’s fresh and fruity, and showcases the very best of why this growth region is rightly determined to be the ‘premier cru’. Whilst it offers a powerful tasting experience, it does so in a rounded, smooth, and ultimately satisfying manner.

A Cognac to be enjoyed in the traditional manner, perhaps sipped in the company of good friends or family, and with other connoisseurs who will also appreciate its delightful complexity. Definitely one for special occasions.

Its beautiful amber dress is adorned with beautiful coppery shades. Then the nose opens on fruits, especially fresh apricot, spices, vanilla and licorice.

The attack is wide. Alcohol is present but in terms of power, not aggression.

Founded in 1880 by Honoré Fillioux, the company is now run by his great-grandson Pascal J. Fillioux. The vineyards lie in the heart of the Grande Champagne in the 'golden triangle': Verrières, Angeac-Champagne and Juillac-le-Coq. It is well known, this area yields the most delicate and finest Cognacs, and requires long oak barrel ageing to achieve maturity: the ageing is the key. Nothing will be done without Pascal's full control, from wines to labels and from soil to the bottle. It's a one-man-show. The men in the Fillioux dynasty have each borne a great love to their region and their soil. They have, from generation to generation, been blessed with an exceptional 'nose': that one, unique, talent that sets apart those who love greatness and those who are actually able to create it. The House of Jean Fillioux belongs to a select group of traditional family estates who have successfully defended their upper-quality niche over several decades by producing consistently authentic Cognacs that rest on century-old traditions, patience and love to become the masterpieces true connoisseurs appreciate.

  • Number one first out of ten best spirits to celebrate 2018 – La Revue du Vin de France
  • Superior Gold Medal - Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition

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