Maidenii Dry Vermouth 2016 Unfiltered 17.5% 1500ml

Maidenii Dry Vermouth 2016 Unfiltered 17.5% 1500ml ,

  • SKU : MAIDRY1500ml
  • Brand/Distillery : Maidenii
  • Country of Origin : Australia
  • Vintage : 2016 Vintage
  • ABV : 17.50%
  • Volume : 1500ml

Designed with the classic Martini in mind.
Stir 1 part Maidenii Dry Vermouth with 3 parts gin of your choosing. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with an orange twist.




Wormwood, strawberry gum, wattle seed, river mint, sea parsley, kaffir lime leaf, nigella seed, Japanese gentian root.

Maidenii Vermouth is a collaboration between French wine maker Gilles Lapalus and Australian bartender Shaun Byrne. In the creation of Maidenii they have sourced leaves, flowers, fruits, herbs, seeds, spices and roots from the gardens of both the old world and the new. The vital components, wormwood and wine, are plucked fresh from the colony of Victoria. More than often the wines are organic and natural (sans or little sulphites), creativity, being the main ingredient.

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