Massenez Garden Party Dried Tomato (Tomate Séchée) 25% 375ml

  • Brand/Distillery : Massenez
  • Country of Origin : France
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 25%
  • Volume : 375ml
  • QTY PER Box :
  • EAN Barcode Bottle :
  • UPC Barcode Carton

The dried tomato is directly macerated in the finest alcohol and then distilled. A simple addition of sugar and colouring is all that’s needed to complete this Liqueur, perfectly reproducing the signature taste and smell of this sun-kissed, flavoursome vegetable.

Pierre Boueri Dried Tomato  Cocktail Recipe:
40ml Tequila
20ml Dried Tomato Garden Party Liqueur
20ml Cane Sugar
20ml Lemon Juice
Shake and filter in a wine glass.
Tip: Add a Garden Party Rosemary spray.

Massenez Garden Party is a range of single-flavoured liqueurs capturing the essence of fresh herbs or vegetables. Massenez further asserts its legitimacy in the cocktail world with this unique range of liqueurs called Garden Party! Leveraging on its expertise in macerating & distilling fruits, Massenez has found the secret to preserve a whole new range of aromas. With Garden Party, the show is assured with a simple flourish, a final touch that punctuates the cocktail with a natural, herbal touch, a real explosion of flavour that enhances the taste.

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