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Generous Gin 44% 700ml

  • SKU : ARCAgin
  • Brand/Distillery : Arcane
  • Country of Origin : France
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 44%
  • Volume : 700ml


All the ingredients coming into the composition of GENEROUS are natural:

Juniper, Citrus, Mandarin, Red Pepper, Jasmin & Elder Flower.

Some of them are produced by maceration, others by distillation, using exclusively traditional methods.

This naturality can be clearly perceived in the tasting: the style is clear, the flavours are precised and well harmonised.



Light and shiny texture.


Fine and floral. Dominant base of juniper, softened by the white flowers (elderflower, jasmine).


A beautiful aromatic explosion of citrus fruits and spices highlighting the freshness of the juniper, with sweet floral notes and traces of jasmine.


A good length in the mouth, enriched by the persistent notes of red pepper, citrus fruits and juniper.

It all started with a dream. A distiller’s dream. The dream of creating a spirit which would resemble a tree of life, creating the best flavor match that nature can offer in one single spirit. It was the idea of playing with aromas like playing the keys of a pipe organ. Or the vision of an extraordinary garden, a garden of Eden. The idea behind Generous Gin was to create a totally original, but simple product , easy to drink and appreciate. A Gin which could give the best Gin & Tonic. It was to use the best of what French tradition can offer: great natural ingredients, combined with a high precision of distillation in small pot-stills. The result is a bit like a perfume, or a great wine: a very well balanced, elegant and surprisingly smooth and aromatic gin. The special touch, the generosity of the gin, comes from the perfect match between different flavours.

  • Concours mondial de Bruxelles 2015 (gold)
  • Concours mondial de Bruxelles 2018 (silver)
  • RBHK Honk Hong 2017 (gold)
  • Inside spirits 2018 (gold)
  • IWSC 2016 (silver)
  • IWSC 2018 (silver)
  • IWSC 2019 (silver)
  • San Francisco world spirits competition 2020 (bronze)

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