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Pimento Ginger beer with Chilli & Tonic 250ml ,

  • Brand/Distillery : PIMENTO
  • Country of Origin : France
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 0%
  • Volume : 250ml

Take a sip.
First, the surprise of ginger – full and fruity.
Then, the shock of chilli – hot and amazing.
A thrilling heat wave runs through your body.
The unique taste and sensation of Pimento.
You need a second sip. A second experience.
You just won’t want any other soft drink from now on!

(With lime it’s even better)


You’ll love the kick.

Pimento ( Pimientos, Spanish for hot chilli pepper) is the brainchild of Eric Dalsace, a Parisian who had decided to give up alcohol and who was looking for something to replace the burn and intensity of a strong drink. Many months of experimenting with all sorts of roots, flavours, spices, cordials, fruits, juices and chilli pepper led to a perfect combination and Pimento was born: Sparkling chilli, ginger, spices soda drink, the perfect cocktail mixer !

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