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Tiny Bear Single Malt whisky 50% 700ml ,

  • SKU : TinyBearWhisky
  • Brand/Distillery : Tiny Bear Distillery
  • Country of Origin : Australia
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 50%
  • Volume : 700ml
Single Malt Whisky – Batch 3 – 50% ABV – 700mL – 280 Bottles only

Sweet notes of shortbread and honey on the nose followed by a tingle of pepper on the palate. A robust and warm whisky made for sharing.

Mash Bill – 100% Australian malts. Mixture of Ale, Pilsner, Caramel, Chocolate and Amber

Barrels – 2 barrels total (both 100L) – French Oak. Port, then whisky, then port and then whisky again (this one). Un charred barrels. These barrels have been in use for a while and we are actually their 4th stop. Long story short, they originated as Port cask, then travelled to an Aussie Distillery who made some whisky in them. They then travelled back to a different winery for their second go at Port. From their we picked them up and filled them with Whisky for a second time. Is there a 5th stop? Maybe, that story hasn’t been written yet.

Distillation process – a bit different from all our future releases. This one is a combination of pot distillation and column distillation blend.

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