Victor Gontier Calvados Domfrontais 2013 40% 500ml

This young calvados (Young, as per Cerbaco standards, but Old for others with lesser standards ) is made by Victor Gontier the quintessence of the craft distiller / farmer in the Domfrontais region, part of Calvados. Long after the outcome of mobile phones, calling Victor Gontier on the only landline by their entrance door, one would enjoy a cacophony of chook noises , roosters calls, pigs squeals in the courtyard, confirming the authenticity of the place and thus of its production. With the superior quality brought by the Domfrontais Appellation ( An AOC [Appellation of Controlled Origin] granted recently in 1985 requesting a minimum percentage of 35% of pear juice with the apple juice, amongst many other requests ). The pear gives the Domfrontais Calvados its fruitier and softer characters and induces a quicker maturation in barrels than in the Pays d’Auge region .  Therefore this 5 year old would correspond to a 7/8 year old from the rest of Calvados and Brittany.

And it makes the price particularly interesting, since, a Pays d’Auge reqiring longer aging, would cost more.

Check for yourself: Confit apple skin on the nose, Quince paste on the palate and a lovely and long Pear return from the back palate.

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